It's Almost That Time....

Can you feel the excitement in the air?!? I am not talking about the turkey and trimmings for Thanksgiving....

It's almost time for Black Friday!!!

If you have never experienced this unique phenomenon it is truly something that everyone should be exposed to at least once in their lifetime.

I remember several times that my mother and I have gotten up at around 4:30 to 5:00am just to go to a store and stand in line...to nab the tremendous sale items. The unique thing is that we are never alone. Usually there are hundreds of others sharing the bitterly cold moment with us.

I have the tremendous pleasure of being able to experience this unique opportunity with my mother once again. We will be traveling to my parents for the thanksgiving holidays and I can't wait to see if there is something that we need to plan and grab at the earliest shopping hours...

I must check out Kohl's ad, they have been the best the last few years for really nice savings and gifts...

Check it out and plan your trip.

Black Friday

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SunMaid Free Recipe Books

There are some wonderful Free recipe booklets available through sunmaid raisins. I love these recipes and have used several. Order a set for yourself or a special friend. Enjoy!!!
Free Recipe Booklets

Fruit & Sunshine
Naturally Healthy Raisin Recipes

The New Taste of Tradition
Our classic recipes with a new twist!

Recipes for Healthier Eating
Good food that's good for you, too.

Fall Favorites

Celebrate Fall Festivities with Gooseberry Patch.

Family Favorite Recipes
From the popular Gooseberry Patch collection.

Get a free copy of any Sun-Maid recipe booklet. Just click on the booklet you want and enter your mailing address.

Video Library

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Thanksgiving Freebies For The Whole Family To Enjoy!!!

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for me and my family. My DH and my anniversary is right around this time of year, plus my mother's birthday and my parent's anniversary. So alot to celebrate, plus it is just a great time of year to get together with all of your loved ones...

Here is a really neat posting over at The Freebie Blogger, organized by Wendi, check it out and grab some of the really neat things for you and your family!!!

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Car Insurance Savings


I don't think I have ever blogged about this...My DH and I experienced extreme savings on our car insurance during the first part of 2008. We were shocked to receive notice about an extreme increase in our car insurance rates, over 10% more, when we hadn't had any claims or tickets added.

So I took to the internet and did some research and review. I received many online quotes on rates and was about to sign up with a third party for a significant savings on Progressive auto insurance. But wait...why am I going through another individual? Can't I sign up directly with Progressive???

I did a direct search for Progressive and ended up with even more savings by going through their website. All in all, it sure was worth it...We saved over 33% on our insurance premiums. You also receive even more savings by paying it all in one lump sum. So even for frugal me, it was worth it to tap into savings to pay it all in one lump sum, it averaged out to one less payment in the end.

Then the ultimate test, we had a major hailstorm this past summer and my Explorer was beatened to a bluddy pulp. Less than two months after we initiated our policy with Progressive, they worked so diligently and timely for us. My husband was thrilled that we could take it to the Ford body shop and was approved for all repairs with no questions asked...

Then, I expected the big blow to our account, it was time to renew our policy and I grimaced to think about what they would increase our policy too...Drum roll please....NO INCREASE!!!!

That's right, absolutely no increase. I guess I should sign up to be a sales rep for Progressive. I am kidding, I am not receiving any financial benefit by doing this post, just want to tell you about how this has benefited my family personally. Check it out yourself, compare and see....

Plus, for you ecologically friendly individuals, you can select a paperless system with their company and everything is registered and saved on your account online.

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A Life That Is Truly Blessed

The greatest blessing of all is a life that is surrendered to our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is not a life of works, but your walk with Jesus will encourage you to think about and serve your fellow man. During this holiday season, my family and I are blessed to be able to participate in several areas of ministry through our local church and community.

Angel Food Ministries
Our church has decided to start a local ministry in our community. My family has participated in this ministry for the past year, it has allowed us to stretch our family budget even further in order for us to contribute more to ministries in our church and community. We are excited to be able to serve others in our community through this ministry. It is not always easy, my husband will be leaving at 4:30am tomorrow to drive over 1 1/2 hours one way to pick up the food boxes and then the rest of the family will arrive at the church at 8:00am to help organize and assist with distribution of boxes, but we are looking to bless others and minister to their needs, both physical and spiritual.

Operation Christmas Child
Our family is blessed to be able to supply two to four boxes each year and look forward to the gifts that we are able to provide. We participate as a family in praying for the recipients of each box, that this small gift might help them to establish a relationship with Jesus.

Lottie Moon Offering for World Missionaries

This is a special time in our church and for our family. Our church has a birthday party for Jesus each year and during this special service. We have a empty manger at the front of the church where as a family we present our offering for the Lottie Moon Ministry. We save for this throughout the year and make sure that this offering is our most significant gift of the year in order that the work of our Lord will be multiplied abundantly throughout the world.

We as a family are looking forward to many more opportunities to minister, witness and evangelize to the world.

We pray that the ministries that your family chooses to participate in are a blessing to the Lord.

Truly there are so many opportunites for each of us, if we would just open our eyes and see. It is not only in money, but using your time, talents, etc.

The Lord wants us to serve wholeheartedly!!!

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Are We The Only Family That Loves Whole Wheat?

Not every family loves to eat whole wheat, but our family does...So I love it when I can receive a coupon on whole wheat flour or some really good receipes. Well, Betty Crocker has heard our needs and you too can click and grab a really nice FREE recipes book with whole wheat flour recipes. Just for the clicking and printing. I am impressed, it is a simple book with some really neat recipes that I will have to try.

My littlest toddler son, loves to just grab a slice of whole wheat bread for his afternoon snack. Works for me...

Betty Crocker Whole Wheat Recipes

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Great Coupons Everyday

Add this listing to your favorites and always check it before you go shopping!!!

It is a really neat list of printable coupons available for so many items. Check it out...

Coupons, Inc.

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I Am Challenged To Get To A More Organized and Expert Couponer Level Are You?!?

I love following different blogs, they can lead you to so many really neat blogs that can teach us so much. Check out Moms By Heart...She has posted a great blog instructional on how to start a coupon 'wishlist' and 'havelist' at Hot Coupon World, so that you can get to a more extreme level of couponing!!!

I am intrigued and challenged. There are so many great coupons out and about right now, I wish I lived in a urban setting, closer to stores, I would be all over this in a heartbeat. I think this will make a great New Year's Eve goal.

Your perspective changes when the nearest WalMart is over 25 minutes one way from you...and you shop with a toddler who hates to travel in the car, by the time I drive to the store he is beside himself...I guess I should be asking, how can I turn my toddler son into a 'couponing freak' before he is even potty trained?!?

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And The Love Keeps On Rolling Around...

It's amazing how competitive websites are for advertising. If you haven't already signed up at Betty Crocker for their coupons and specials, then now is a great time. They are also offering a really neat and FREE Coupon book with over $10 of coupons and great new recipes for new subscribers to their site. So click away for a really good deal!!!

Betty Crocker

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I Have To Share The Love...Don't I...

Sometimes, I receive or read and sign up for a really good deal and I forget all about posting it for others to see and participate in...

Forgive me:)

Sign up at Pillsbury and receive a FREE coupon book with over $10 worth of coupons, plus some really neat recipes.

In addition, Pillsbury is really good about sending out email notices on special coupons, recipes, etc. Very much worth the sign up to their site. Click away and receive your own copy of a really neat coupon book from Pillsbury.

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From Dates to Diapers

gift guide

Check out this really neat site for some helpful hints and Christmas shopping guides.

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Just A Little Break In My Schedule...

I have not been that regular about posting this week. I cooked the Wednesday evening meal last week for our church meal and fed about 80 people Macaroni AlForno, salad, Italian garlic bread and fresh sugar cookies. Yum, yum...

I have also been watching another girl all week for the parents plus the other young girl that I routinely watch on Fridays and Mondays, so I have been a little busy. I also cooked the Lions Club meal today, baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, pork gravy, peas and carrots, salad and a double layer german chocolate sheet cake, yum, yum...

In addition, I am working to get the enchilada dinner organized for our band booster fundraiser. It is happening on the 23rd and we routinely feed 350, we have a goal of feeding 400 this year, so a little hectic lately for me. But that will probably be my routine for the next couple of months, hectic...
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Fall Afternoon Of Fun

While dad was remodeling in the kitchen, littlest and I spent alot of time outside enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. He mastered tossing of the mulch, stuffing of the knothole, sliding down the slide face first and eating of bark. He favorite word this afternoon, was 'whee' as he threw around leaves, dirt, etc. He had a ball and we were outside for 1 1/2 hours!!! It truly was perfect, wish you could have been there, check out some more really cute photos from our adventure.

Fall Afternoon of Fun 2008

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Kitchen Remodeling

It's amazing what one can accomplish under extreme pressure!!!

My DH is thoroughly remodeling our home. We purchased a ranch style tract home circa 1960's which needed alot of work done to it. As we said, it has good bones and the original owner really put quality products in the home, so we have a pretty good foundation to work with. Unfortunately, there was an owner in the late 1990's who probably watched one too many home remodeling shows and had no skills, so there is alot of painting projects that were done in a very poor manner. The saddest part is that they spent quite abit of money on a kitchen remodel project that was done at a very poor quality level and was incomplete. Whoever did the project for them didn't finish with the wallpapering, finishing out the wood trim around the baseboards, etc. The greatest frustration is that they put in new tile counters that didn't hold up to any intense use, the mortar was a very cheap and poor quality and would just powder up, so there are loose, broken, dislodged tiles all over the place. So a little frustrating for us.

What can I say, we got the house at a really good price. The house couldn't sell in a town where houses were being snatched up right and left at the time. So that says a little about the condition of the property. My DH is a remodeling expert, or is becoming one over all of the years of my and his mother's honey do's. We were planning to complete the kitchen remodel as the last room on our list, since it would be the most expensive, but he started tackling the project last week. This is going to be a pretty major remodel when it is all said and done, at least for us. He is tearing out my oversize pantry that was too awkward. The cabinets were over 2 1/2 feet deep, I called it the great abyss, things would get lost for years in there. He is building me a larger but not as deep pantry off to the side wall, I am thrilled, it will be so much more functional. That will allow us to then tear out the current pantry, a cabinet and shelves around the sink area thereby opening up the kitchen to look out over our greatroom, therefore making it a more traditional great room. We then will have a long counter by our sink and he will have about a six foot bar area looking out to the greatroom, which will be excellent for so many things!!!

Can you tell that I am thrilled?

The timecrunch is that the holidays are upon us and we hope to be hosting several family members during the Xmas season. So a little bit of pressure to my husband's remodeling!!!

It is exciting and I am thrilled that my DH has the skills, he really does do excellent work when it is all said and done. We will have new texturing, new repaint of the cabinets, new trim on top of the cabinets, new light fixture, new laminate counters, new lineoleum floors, etc.

A newly refurbished kitchen is my Xmas present, Birthday present, Anniversary present, etc!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!!

Check out some more pictures. Kitchen Remodeling 2008

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