All Region Tryouts

My teenage DS is in the final stages of preparing for his very important All Region Band tryouts. He has made the symphonic band the past two years and was able to achieve 1st chair last year. His tryouts are scheduled for next Monday the 8th, so I would appreciate your prayers for his musical talent and gifts to show through during this tryout!!!

He is practicing everyday and was busy for about 2 hours yesterday after school and is busy at school playing during his band class.

The top three performers in alto sax at the all region tryouts also automatically advance to the all area tryouts which will be held in Abilene this year on January 10th, 2009.

He hasn't realized it yet, but the all area has been realigned, so he will be competing in a different mix of kids than he has seen over the past two years, don't think I will tell him that, it might add in another level of stress.

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