I Am Challenged To Get To A More Organized and Expert Couponer Level Are You?!?

I love following different blogs, they can lead you to so many really neat blogs that can teach us so much. Check out Moms By Heart...She has posted a great blog instructional on how to start a coupon 'wishlist' and 'havelist' at Hot Coupon World, so that you can get to a more extreme level of couponing!!!

I am intrigued and challenged. There are so many great coupons out and about right now, I wish I lived in a urban setting, closer to stores, I would be all over this in a heartbeat. I think this will make a great New Year's Eve goal.

Your perspective changes when the nearest WalMart is over 25 minutes one way from you...and you shop with a toddler who hates to travel in the car, by the time I drive to the store he is beside himself...I guess I should be asking, how can I turn my toddler son into a 'couponing freak' before he is even potty trained?!?

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