Timeouts Can Be Very Effective With A Toddler!!!

Today I had the opportunity to place my littlest DS in timeout on two separate occasions. It seems that the more I am using this technique the more devastated he is in when he is placed in timeout.

  • First, occasion, I was starting laundry and he and his new playmate were found with their hands in the bird cage trying to grab ahold of the parakeet (they have never been this bold previously, so the timeout was for 5 minutes, an eternity for a toddler) then they both had to listen to a short lecture from me

  • Second, throwing his dinner plate on the floor (if it is not meatloaf or meatballs, lately, then he is not happy with any other food selection and this is one way of expressing his frustration)

I and my littlest DS can use all of your prayers and support as we trudge through all of these issues....we really are in the full throws of the 'terrible two's'.

I am also trying to use the 'Five Languages of Love' and figure what is his 'love language' to try to discern which type of discipline/correction will be the most effective with my little 'mule'. Our Sunday School class bible study lately has been re: Saul and it is interesting to study how he was a 'donkey wrangler' as a young man and how that characterized the children of Israel and their desire to have him as their first king.

Just call me "Mama Saul".

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