Thank You For Your Prayers!!!

Your educational fact of the day, this graphic is a visual representation of the full playing range of an Alto Sax.

Just wanted to get a note off to everyone to let you know that my DS was successful with this tryouts for All Region. After a long and tiring day, he arrived home about 11pm and was very happy to announce that he will advance to All Area tryouts in January.

He received a ranking as second chair of the symphonic band, behind another player from Bushland HS whom he has competed against several times over the years. This is the first time that this player has scored a high level than my son, but we heard from the judges that it was a split for first between the two judges on their ranking. Apparently two were for my son placing 1st and two were for the other boy placing first. But honestly, my son wasn't upset at all. I think in fact, it takes some pressure off of him. Last year, he felt like he was going to pass out when it came time to perform in front of the audience at All Region and he looked like he was going to as well, in first chair he has to sit on the edge near the audience. So, he is just thrilled to make it to All Area for another chance at All State.

My DH and I knew our son was extremely nervous Sunday night, he was beside himself with nerves. So what is a parent to do, we sat him down and affirmed him and prayed with him. I also was able to affirm him on Monday before he left when he came home for lunch.

He said it was the weirdest thing...He wasn't nervous at all and felt very warm and calm. He had prayed, taken a deep breath and remembered our words about how he was to demonstrate his gifts and talents that he has received and to let the Lord handle the rest. It took the pressure off of him.

He also remembered that this event is suppose to be something that he is to enjoy and have a good experience with, so that helps keep things in perspective. So many kids feel so much pressure during these events. He is responsible for practicing, giving it his all for his performance but the results are not left up to him. As far as we were concerned he had already demonstrated his excellence.

But watch out young man from Bushland. Our son is fired up for besting you at All Area and making it to All State... I think the ranking as second might have given him more of an incentive to continue to practice aggressively leading up to the All Area tryouts. The key is keeping up an aggressive practice schedule during the holiday season. Something that is very hard to do for most kids and he has struggled with as well in the past two years. We have heard from the band directors that the kids who are aggressive with their practicing over the holidays are the ones who get the rankings to go to All State. Realistically, at All Area he will be competing against 12 other kids for being ranked in the top two to be able to advance. So a pretty aggressive tryout ahead. Some boys demonstrate their aggressiveness in sports events, our son is very aggressive in his academic and playing skills...I don't think most of the people at his school see this side of him.

A little known fact, our son refuses to get any of the patches sewn onto his HS letter jacket because he wants to plan where his patches will go based on the placement around an All State band patch, which apparently is huge and covers most of the back of a letter jacket. Hmmmm......

Apparently, the young man from Bushland might have received some angry hostile looks from the other kids at my son's school. Our sons peers did not like the fact that he was bested in his ranking and were angry, while our son, didn't even have an issue with his placement. He felt bad about what the other young man might have received from his peers.

In addition he heard from the judges that he and the player from Bushland were so tight in their skills, but the other kids that tried out on Alto Sax were no where near their skill of playing. This other young man is a son of a Band Director and I am sure that he has some pressure placed upon him to do his best. I think it is great for my son to be challenged and I hope this year he might be able to get to know this young man a little bit more. They have competed against each other since 8th grade and my DS always sees him at band camp as well as other competitions.

Congratulations, young man from Bushland!

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