This is a much anticipated, highly acclaimed movie. I can't wait to see the movie, check it out for yourself. If you were blessed to see "Facing The Giants", I understand that this is a movie that is 10x better than even that film.

Enjoy and may your family be blessed in watching this film

Private Alto Sax Lessons

My DS was able to complete his first alto sax private lesson yesterday afternoon. It looks like he will be able to participate in the lessons each week!!! That means alot of road time, gas money and private lesson fees, but it will be worth it.

It seems like this is the busiest and most hectic year our DS has had in his high school career thus far. He is taking two dual credit classes, (having to get up to speed with online college classes and their formats), Pre Calculus, Spanish IV, Band, an independent study for Trigonometry and also Chemistry I.

He has volunteered to learn the french horn and will participate in an ensemble in order to try and make state level as an ensemble.

Mr. LeFevre stated that our son's talent with the alto sax has outgrown his current instrument. He is recommending that we look into purchasing a professional sax. So far it looks like it would be about $3500-$5000 for a decent one. Also, Mr. LeFevre stated that our DS 'will' make state band. (That is a goal that our son has expressed to us, but not to anyone else) I think that confidence from Mr. LeFevre shocked our son... Our DS stated that he guesses he doesn't demonstrate total self confidence with his playing.

Our DS is debating his recommendation for a pro sax, since he doesn't feel like he wants to make music as a career, why invest so much in a hobby? Our son is pretty practical and he's got a good point... Right now he has decided to try to take his playing and skill with this current horn as far as he can.

A good statement made by our son, 'I don't know what direction the Lord has planned for me career wise but for some reason I have been given a gift with some skills and talent for playing the saxophone so we will see what the Lord wants for me to do...." So we will take this one step at a time.

Our DS is starting to consider possible career choices/majors for college study/colleges for study and is leaning towards the sciences/engineering majors. He is considering possibly architectural engineering/architecture/petroleum engineering, etc. But he also loves to debate his high school band performances in marching and with their performing and 'knows that he could do a better job then his director'.

If nothing else, I think that expanding his skill and talent with playing the alto sax and having such a great private tutor will only serve to improve his confidence and expand his capabilities. It might also help him to decide what direction the Lord is having him go...

I must say that he plays the flute for fun, is really exceptional on the alto sax, is making a good sound with the french horn after only 4 weeks and you should hear him on the piano in the sanctuary when we are cleaning up at our church. He sounds so good on the piano and only had a couple of months of lessons when he was about 7 years old. We don't have a piano at the house, so his only time to 'tickle the ivories' is when we are at church. I know that he didn't get his musical abilities from me....In fact, he says that he knows he has inherited one trait from me, music wise, he absolutely cannot sight read, how do you like those compliments?!?

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