Holiday Shopping On A Budget

I read a wonderful post this morning from Jane4girls about how to shop during the holidays on a budget and one of her points stuck in my head. Check out her posting for yourself...

My DH and I were able to spend a great evening out together, first a winter dinner at a local restaurant with the Bovina Lions Club and then a really romantic stroll with my DH through the home improvement aisles of Lowes...(yes, we have been married over 19 years and I really do think it is romantic!!!).

Then I spied a huge banner over the gift cards at the front of the store. Receive $10 gift certificate when you purchase over $100 in gift cards. Hmmmm....

So we had just returned over $300 in the wrong style of door knobs for the house and my DH had over $140 of items in the cart, just a couple of quick questions to the clerk and my DH agreed to 'try' my giftcard purchase suggestion.

As Jane said, if you are going to be purchasing items anyway at a store with an offer on their giftcards, then just purchase the giftcard beforehand and use it for your purchase.

So I had hubby by a giftcard for $140 and then turned around and used it for our purchase of over $156 in Lowes items. Pretty good, from the details on the receipt I could then just go home and register online in order to receive my giftcard good for $10 off of a future $10 or greater purchase at Lowes. Works for me...

Keep an eye out for similar deals at your local stores. From what I read at Lowe's website, I am eligible to do this up to two additional times for a total of $30 in giftcards, we'll have to see what other major purchase needs come our way...

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I am on the lookout for a new holiday favorite of my families. Have you seen them in your local store yet?

Sweet clementines! We got hooked a few years back when we were able to travel to Italy for a really special Christmas celebration with my DH aunt and cousins.

Italy is quite unique in their breakfast fare, they will eat cookies with Nutella and capuccino and not much else. I think our dear relatives were feeling sorry for us when we were still hungry and offered up some clementines.

We had never had any before and fell in love, small, sweet and so good to eat!!!

Italy was a joy to experience during the holidays for fresh citrus fruits. The lemons were huge and we couldn't get enough of the clementines. So now we are always on the lookout in our local store for a box or good stash to grab during the Christmas season.

Do you have anything that you eat during the holidays that brings special memories?

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