Archived Family Photos

It's amazing the ancient treasures that can be stored away in the vaults only to be discovered in the future. No really, I didn't realize that our digital camera had a built in memory, I thought all of it's memory was on the picture chips, so when I accidentally dislodged the memory chip without realizing and went to scan my recent picture loads, I was shocked to find some family photos from 2004. These are some photos of mine and my husband's family and a few of our kids, makes for some nice memories. Also, I think these might be some of our only noted pictures of our remodeled front room, drastic remodel changes took place.

As we approach this Thanksgiving season, it is nice to be reminded of your family. I am privileged to have a few photos from a rare merging of our two families in the same room. For that I am thankful for the memories.

My how we have all changed over the years...

Click on this link for more archived family photos at PhotoBucket.

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