Reuse Thrifty Tip

The Thrifty Mama has a really neat posting that I just had to share...

Maybe I am the only person that has a ton of these type of hangers just hanging around in my closet...but this idea really hit home. I have hated to throw them away because they are so sturdy, but I don't really have that many skirts or other items to hang up in my closet, I typically fold as many items as I can.

But, I do have a ton of items that I could use a clip for in my pantry. So I tried this suggestion and it really works!!! So I am going to be destroying most of my free hangers and making lots of clips to have around for a much needed occasion.

One other suggestion, I don't hang my laundry out to dry but I think this idea would work well to hang out items on a clothesline as well.

What do you think?

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