Busy, Busy, busy....

My family and I have had a very jam packed filled couple of weeks. We had several events that we celebrated over the weekend, a very nice fellowship at our home with our Sunday School class members, Lions Club member dinner and prep for their Santa Claus activity at the local Primary and Elementary school, and finally our church Christmas Cantata and our special candlelight service where we have our Lottie Moon offerings presented, followed by our Birthday Party for Jesus celebration. Whew, are we tired!!!

This in addition to my husband still working on our kitchen remodeling.

I have added some pictures from some of our activities at our church. FBC Friona click on the link and select the Photos for some more pictures from all of the activities.

Littlest DS with cheetos fingers and my teenage son, along with mom!

Choir Singing at the local Nursing Home

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