Don't Walk, Run From Layaway Offers

I love google reader, it is so easy to review the updates from all of my favorite readers.

I think you should check out this wonderful posting from Common Sense With Money, she really has outlined a wonderful mini education session regarding the latest offers and returns of layaway plans. She's right, 'run, don't walk from layway plans'.

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Black Friday

You might be wondering what in the heck is 'Black Friday'. Well, I was educated about this great phenomena last year. Basically, Black Friday is the sales day after Thanksgiving. If you are like me, sometimes you can get some great buys for the holidays. Some of the stores like to release the info about what they plan on advertising beforehand, therefore giving customers a jump on your purchase plans. This is wonderful!!!

The sales releases are starting to roll in... Right now they have received notices from Sears and Ace Hardware about what to expect. As always, the items could change somewhat based on your region or their last minute adjustments based on their competition...Better to start planning now on what your priorities might be.

Check it out...

Sears Black Friday
Ace Hardware Black Friday

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