Having way too much fun!!!:)

I bought three Sunday papers today and five 'All You' magazines at WalMart. My coupon binder is 3" thick and expanding rapidly.

My mom has been extremely helpful and is collecting coupons from her friends and my aunt in OK and is dropping them off in the mail.

Plus, I am starting to get large $ coupons from manufacturers in the mail. I received about $8 in coupons from Farmland. I got the idea from my frugal site reviews and scoped out all of our name brand products throughout the house. I made a master list of all of the items and then went to the Hot Coupon world coupon database and looked up whether there was a coupon listed on their site or a link. If not, then I conducted a Google search for their company site to see if I might be able to score a coupon. I went ahead and clicked the contact us link on the sites with no coupons and have gotten several in the mail within just one week!

I reviewed the slick deals website this evening and have printed off the discussions and instructions for rolling ECB to GC 101. If you have not reviewed this info, check it out.

Plus, I printed off some additional coupons from the CVS website for $4 off of $20 purchase. Enough to get me through about 6 shopping excursions in the next two weeks. I will be heading to Dallas on Saturday and will be returning on Tuesday, so hope to get in several jaunts to the local CVS stores near my daughters place.

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