Sweet 16!!!

I am a little slow in sharing the pictures, here is our DS recent 16th Birthday celebration. Gosh, they do grow up awful fast, don't they...

That's modern times for you, he really, really wanted to have a teeth whitening kit since he got his braces off, my frugal self was delaying it as long as possible, did I mention that I got the over $30 kit for free....still makes for a nice and much wished for gift.

Check out some more pictures if you would like.http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/PLNEWHOU/Kenny%2016%20Birthday/


My teenage DS had his UIL marching competition this past Saturday. The band performed very well, but were greatly disappointed to receive a rating of 2, 3, 3.

Okay, my shock was that I looked over to see my son's new private saxophone tutor (head band person at WTAMU) sitting in the stands near us. He arrived at 3:00pm and my son's band was scheduled to perform at 3:16pm. Surely, I thought, he must know someone here in another schools band.

I couldn't believe my eyes, he promptly got up from his seat after my DS band's performance and exited the stands, I had just started over to talk with him and he was gone....

I am still in shock. He called the home this afternoon, to rearrange their private lesson date and time and said that 'yes' he had come just to see my son's band perform!!!

This is a very busy college level instructor who only took on our son about 3 weeks ago as a private student and he took the time to drive over 30 minutes one way to see him perform, in a marching performance that only lasted 8 minutes.

Can you say a big, WOW!!!

Needless to say, our son was practicing this afternoon and evening for about 3 hours on his saxophone for his lesson tomorrow, even he was impressed....

Can you say GO BUFFALOES!!!

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