Kitchen Remodeling

It's amazing what one can accomplish under extreme pressure!!!

My DH is thoroughly remodeling our home. We purchased a ranch style tract home circa 1960's which needed alot of work done to it. As we said, it has good bones and the original owner really put quality products in the home, so we have a pretty good foundation to work with. Unfortunately, there was an owner in the late 1990's who probably watched one too many home remodeling shows and had no skills, so there is alot of painting projects that were done in a very poor manner. The saddest part is that they spent quite abit of money on a kitchen remodel project that was done at a very poor quality level and was incomplete. Whoever did the project for them didn't finish with the wallpapering, finishing out the wood trim around the baseboards, etc. The greatest frustration is that they put in new tile counters that didn't hold up to any intense use, the mortar was a very cheap and poor quality and would just powder up, so there are loose, broken, dislodged tiles all over the place. So a little frustrating for us.

What can I say, we got the house at a really good price. The house couldn't sell in a town where houses were being snatched up right and left at the time. So that says a little about the condition of the property. My DH is a remodeling expert, or is becoming one over all of the years of my and his mother's honey do's. We were planning to complete the kitchen remodel as the last room on our list, since it would be the most expensive, but he started tackling the project last week. This is going to be a pretty major remodel when it is all said and done, at least for us. He is tearing out my oversize pantry that was too awkward. The cabinets were over 2 1/2 feet deep, I called it the great abyss, things would get lost for years in there. He is building me a larger but not as deep pantry off to the side wall, I am thrilled, it will be so much more functional. That will allow us to then tear out the current pantry, a cabinet and shelves around the sink area thereby opening up the kitchen to look out over our greatroom, therefore making it a more traditional great room. We then will have a long counter by our sink and he will have about a six foot bar area looking out to the greatroom, which will be excellent for so many things!!!

Can you tell that I am thrilled?

The timecrunch is that the holidays are upon us and we hope to be hosting several family members during the Xmas season. So a little bit of pressure to my husband's remodeling!!!

It is exciting and I am thrilled that my DH has the skills, he really does do excellent work when it is all said and done. We will have new texturing, new repaint of the cabinets, new trim on top of the cabinets, new light fixture, new laminate counters, new lineoleum floors, etc.

A newly refurbished kitchen is my Xmas present, Birthday present, Anniversary present, etc!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!!

Check out some more pictures. Kitchen Remodeling 2008

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