Do You Believe In Celebrating Praises?!?

My DH has a great praise report:

Today one of his co-workers told him that his advice was a tremendous blessing to her family. She had told DH that her neonate grand baby who was born at less than 1 lb and significantly premature and unlikely to survive about 5 months ago, was unable to be released from the hospital because the family had been unable to successfully transition her to feeding from a bottle. They were devastated and didn't know what to do...My DH shared that we had tremendous success with Dr. Brown's bottles and why don't they try them (all he could remember is that I was having difficulty and had tried 5 different bottle types and many more types of nipples to no avail). That was yesterday.

Today the grandmother was thrilled, her daughter went out and was able to purchase the bottles at WalMart and the baby was able to successfully bottle feed 8 oz at one time!!!

That is a praise report!!!

If you haven't heard of Dr. Brown's unique bottles and vent system, check it out!!!


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