My Blessed Husband

I have been really focused over the past 2 weeks in learning how to make our budget stretch even further. It would probably seem that I have become a little bit obsessed. I have made sure to review my purchases over the past two weeks with my husband and oldest son, especially from CVS'ing. My husband had to sit down and review the receipts item by item to really 'see' what I was trying to explain to him. He kept asking me, 'how much money did you actually spend'?

Tonight he said it all!!! I can't afford to ever have you return back to the workforce, you are saving me so much money and helping our family to benefit from your wise shopping. This is phenomenal!! He's still trying to grasp my Addidas example of being 'paid' to buy their product and being able to walk away with $15. I know it sounds unreal, but that is a perfect example of the type of savings that you might be able to procure with some friendly advice and feedback from your frugal friends.

My husband's statements have validated ever action that I am taking to reduce our expenditures.

I guess I started my savings tear about one month ago when I noticed that our car insurance and homeowner insurance increased 10% even though there has been no claims or change in our credit scoring. Our budget is tight and trying to make that kind of adjustment was just too frustrating for me, how in the world could I reduce our expenses anymore when everything seems to be going up in price.

So I started calling and calling around for some new quotes on auto and home. I couldn't find a better deal for our homeowner coverage, no matter how I worked the deal. But with our car insurance I was able to switch to another provider and saved over $75 per month without changing any of our coverage particulars!!!

That started me thinking that the next biggest budget area that I haven't been able to get an increase in savings or a decrease in expenses is the dry goods area (toothpaste, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, etc) That is when I started stumbling on several websites and blogs and started to educate myself.

I have learned so much and can't believe how ignorant I have been for far too many years. I am looking forward to gaining more experience in this field and believe that I will be able to establish significant savings for our family and build up a stash without going overboard or becoming obsessive.

Bargain Hunting in the Big City

It's late and I am exhausted from a very busy day in the big city. We live in a small rural town in the Texas panhandle. Today we got up at 7:00am and headed out to the big city of Amarillo and scored several shopping deals.

Panhandle Salvage - $24.80
Purchased 12 - 8 oz containers of raspberry yogurt
6 - 1/2 gallons of Minute Maid orange juice - pulp free (oldest son can't stand to drink pulp)
10 bunches of 3 heads of onions
5 cartons of sweet yellow/red/orange peppers
2 boxes of cinnamon graham crackers
32 oz frozen bag of corn
32 oz frozen bag of peas/carrots
20 lbs. of potatoes

I love this store and wish I could justify the extra gas expense more often, but hard to justify since the deals can be unpredictable.

Target $14.68
12 Boxes of Lipton 'Tea to Go' in varied flavors, box has 10 packets to add to water bottle $1.94 each + $1 off Target coupon. Final purchase price of 94 cents each. (Kinda' pricey but my oldest daughter is graduating from college and will soon be a full-time elementary teacher and she loves her 'Tea' on the run, so a perfect little care package idea/graduation bundle)
2 Boxes of Eggo waffles $1.84 each + $1 off of 2 Target coupon. Final purchase price of $2.68. (Kinda' pricey but my teenager deserves a treat every now and then)

1st Transaction
2 Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste $4.99 w4.99 ECB + 2-$1 off q
3 Colgate 360 toothbrushes 3.99 w3.99 ECB + 3 - $1 off q
2 EOB facial scrub pads $1.49
1 Foot pumice stone $2.49 + $5 ECB w/purchase of 3 EOB items
-$4 off $20
-$3 off $15
-$2 off $10

2nd Transaction $1.48 ($0 subtotal so just 8.25% tax)
2 Playskools Large pack diapers size 4 2/$19.99
1 Georgia Pacific printer paper $3.99
-$4 off $20
-$3 off $15
-$2 Playskool q
-$14.98 ECB

3rd Transaction $2.39
1 HP printer cartridge $19.99
1 Wrigley Extra Gum $1.19
-$4 off $20
-$3 off 15
-$11.97 ECB

Ended up with still having about $7 in ECB for next week. Still on the lookout for Bic Soleil razors, have received my third raincheck and the Addidas deoderant. I will be going to my daughter's graduation in Arlington next weekend. I told my husband that I am determined to get the free Addidas and get paid $15 for purchasing their product!!

2 Breathe Right boxes $4.99 each (12 ct, but look for the boxes with the 14 count for the price of 12) with q for $3 off box in Monthly savings booklet + $3 manuf q from manuf website
6 Air Wick Decospheres on clearance for $2.15 (caught my eye when they had an immediate savings coupon on product for $1.50 off + had 2 additional manf q for $1.50 off
2 Air Wick Stickups on clearance for $1 each + 2 additional manf q for 50 cents off each

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