Family Christmas Traditions

My dear youngest daughter and I had a discussion recently about family Christmas traditions. Maybe you are like me and you have never really thought much about them, or what you might say that they are...

I found this great posting offering up some wonderful new traditions that someone might consider adopting to their family traditions from Faithful Provisions.

I think I need to review and pray about some of these...

I asked my DH this question, "what are our family Christmas traditions and he didn't hesitate to say that we try to put a priority on seeing our extended families during the holidays". That can make for some very hectic holiday travel and times, in fact that is the predominant memory for some of our family...

It was more than a little telling to us when we didn't travel over the holidays a few years back and our then youngest son who was about 10 said it was the best Christmas he could ever remember, just laid back and quiet and not hectic!

So we have decided to pray about this topic and see what we might need to do to adjust our Christmas celebrations to make them more significant and memorable for our entire family.

We did establish the following as our family priorities for the Christmas season last year and it helps keep some of the decisions that you are faced with making during this time in perspective:

1) Our Faith in Jesus Christ
2) Sharing Fellowship with Family and Friends
3) Good Food and Fun

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