Living Far Away

Do you find that living far from your loved ones is difficult?

It seems like my DH and I are struggling more with this issue lately. We have been living in the boonies of the Texas panhandle going on 6 years and it seems like it is getting more difficult that we are not closer to parents and children. Children are over 7 1/2 hours away, my parents are 5 1/2 and my DH family is 1 1/4 hour away.

I guess it is even more of a challenge, because the gas prices keep going up and up and up. We have even been having to watch our trips to the 'big city' of Amarillo. So when we ever get an extended time off we are torn about where to spend some of our time.

We know that we are set to be here at least one more year to have our son graduate from high school, but we are not sure if the Lord wants us to consider moving after that or not. With the economic factors on the rise, it is an even greater need to start praying already.

So if you are a prayer partner, my DH and I have found it is never too early to start your prayer requests, so please join us as we seek to know the Lord's direction for our lives after May 2010.

Thank you!!!

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