What to do when there is no more room!?!

I have failed to mention, that our refrigerator/overhead freezer and our small chest freezer are busting at the seams. I haven't been able to buy and stock as many frozen foods/meat/milk as I would like, because I just don't have any room. This all seems to have just occurred over the past two months, since I started really working with couponing. I guess that is a dilemma that alot of folks would love to have?!?

I guess you could consider us to be bountifully blessed beyond measure:)

I am inspired beyond belief!!!

I spent way too much time on the computer last night... As I mentioned I didn't calculate the time that I would have to compete with my teenager for computer time. It has been so convenient to review my blogs, coupon education sites over the past two months after he left for school and before the littlest one woke up and then again during his afternoon nap time. So over the past couple of days I have lost about 3 hours of computer time a day. I stayed up well past 5 am and was back up at 7am getting my husbands breakfast and lunch ready. I am trying to steal a couple of more minutes while my littlest is playing peacefully in his bed.

I realized today that I can double my available coupons that I print from the internet. I have a laptop that I can attach to my printing cable and the coupon sites will recognize it as a different computer and allow additional printing of IP. Whoop, whoop!!! Don't know why this didn't occur to me any sooner?!?

I also just happened upon this amazing blog site. It is woman who has an annual budget of spending $800 total on groceries and personal items. Check it out... So far I have done a quick review but I am pumped. I can do that!!!


I had set a new monthly budget for June of spending $60 per week back at the end of May, but after reviewing things yesterday thought that it would be more realistic to achieve $80 per week :( But if this blog is correct and her annual budget for groceries/toiletries/eating out is $800 for a family of 4 then a weekly budget of $15.38 would work for me...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

I sat down and reviewed my budget goals and savings goals under our "Fearless Faith Plan" that my husband and I created in Nov of 2007 and with this latest educational info, I know I can...

I also was inspired two days ago to add in an additional goal of buying the share that my husband's friend has in his old Nova. That is about $2850. I knew that I was being directed to set this as a goal, but realistically couldn't see it happening, now I think all of our "Fearless Faith Goals" can be accomplished on or very near our original goals and also with this additional goal that was laid on my heart!!!

It truly is amazing what opportunities God will present to you when you seek to do his will... My husband and I have been overwhelmed with how much our money has been stretched since we decided to step out on faith for our finances.

I will have to post more about that later, littlest one is not tolerating his alone time anymore...

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