My Teenage Son Has Been Selected As A High School Aerospace Scholar!!!

I had mentioned in a previous posting about my teenage DS agreeing to apply for the High School Aerospace Program.

He received an email today and was congratulated on being nominated by his state legislature for a spot in the program!!!

He is kinda' shocked and feeling overwhelmed when I reminded him that he will need to complete 10 lessons due every two weeks starting in January.

His nomination to participate in the summer onsite program at NASA in Houston will be based on his performance and scores received on the projects that will be due. I hope the projects interest him and he is motivated to complete them.

He loves Science and one of the reasons I thought this might interest him is the advanced challenges that he might be facing with the modules and lessons. He is not always challenged in his current High School academic program and that frustrates him.

He has been struggling lately with trying to see what type of programs in college might interest him. He didn't receive the type of score that he would have liked on his PSAT exam...But the good thing is that it has motivated him to ask to be assigned to work his last period of the day in the library where they have the Kaplan review program for the SAT test. He wants to improve his knowledge and test taking skills to be placed higher in their ranking system.

So he has alot more challenges to face, but I am thrilled that he is being offered this unique learning experience!

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