Free Mazagines

Shhhh, keep this quiet....

I just have to tell everyone about a little secret that I am kinda' apprehensive about sharing. But it's been so much fun, that I thought you might want to get in on the action also.

I have found that this website is excellent for getting postings for really nice free magazines. What is the catch, right? No seriously, they are free and they have been wonderful, I am currently overflowing with free magazines. I love all of them, I would never in a million years subscribe to them, too expensive, but I love the beautiful pictures and the awesome articles.

I am presently getting about 8 magazines for free with no harassing phone calls, emails, subscription notices, etc.

What I have found out is that certain magazines sometimes need to boost their readership numbers and therefore for limited times they will open up prescriptions to additional members for free, no catch, no harassment and I find that I get them pretty swiftly after signing up.

What I have done is added the budget helpers blog address to my google reader as a subscription then when I see that she has posted a new free magazine, I quickly click and sign up. No more than that.

Check it out. I just signed up to start receiving 'The Magazine Antiques' yesterday for a one year subscription. Here is the link. I think it is closed now, but go ahead and see....http://budgethelpers.blogspot.com/2008/09/another-magazine-antiques-free-sub.html

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