How To Save During The Holidays?

Since my DH and I started Conquering Debt God's Way
last year right before Christmas we were presented with the unique challenge of paying our full 10% tithe from our gross salaries and still survive during the Christmas season...

I know that is probably not the term that one would want to use to describe the holiday season, but sometimes that is what it feels like so...I was thoughtful and a little anxious about how this was going to be pulled off.

I have to tell you that little surprises and ideas just seemed to come out of nowhere sometimes, hmmmm. One of the biggest suggestions that I read about that helped us out immensely at that time was the idea of redeeming your frequent flyer miles.

A few years back my family was able to travel to Europe roundtrip and my teenage son and I were also priviledged to be able to travel to Japan roundtrip. I know it was unique, but I had signed up for frequent flyer miles through American Airlines and we flew on this airline for both of our trips.

I didn't think much about the points, but they were just sitting out there, then I read a tip in a frugal website about redeeming your frequent flyer miles through points.com

To my amazement, it really added up!!! We were able to get about $300 worth of giftcards with no hassle or fees. They arrived just in time for Christmas gift giving.

This might be a little late for some people to use this Christmas season, but birthdays and special gift giving needs arrive throughout the year.

Or, how about just treating yourself to something that you might use more than frequent flyer miles?

We were able to get gift certificates to Red Lobster, Nike, Steak and Ale, Target and others, the selection was vast. Check it out and see...

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