It's A Beautiful, Sun Shiny Day

I am grabbing a few minutes to myself and trying to get a quick post out to everyone. Michael has been going crazy these past two days. It has been overcast, cool and rainy in Friona and mom is not the best about letting him play in the mud puddles when it is cold. Today we woke up to a Sun Shiny Day, so he hit the ground running!!!

My littlest guy, loves...the outdoors. After he ate breakfast, he grabbed my hand and we bundled up for a couple of hours in the backyard. He just likes to run around, play with the dogs, try some dog food and dog water, eat dirt, roll around, etc. Nothing in particular but be outside.
It makes for a hard naptime, so I get a little bit more of a break today.

We had a fast and furious trip to Dallas. Got in a nice visit with the kids, my husband David's brother John and his family and headed back to Friona.

Kenneth and David have been dragging every evening. I think tomorrow will be a morning for sleeping in for all of the Newhouse Clan.

We loved the park in Silverton, hope to get some pictures posted soon.

Our daughter is officially graduated and looking forward to starting her professional career as a teacher. Hope to hear what position she decides to take soon.

Well, gotta run and get my coupons clipped, the binder organized and review all of my shopping tips and flyers to plan my attack of CVS, Walgreens and WalMart tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

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