Updated Band Photos

Some more photos from a recent HS football game, note to review pictures #65 and #69, not the greatest photos, but they highlight a really cute teenage DS.

Friona Star Floydada game photos

Of note, boy we have to put in alot of hours as band booster parents! Not only do we make sure that all of the band kids receive a snack at all home games, plus drink but we provide the meals and also snacks and drinks at all away games. We have raised over $2000 this year alone and that is before we cook our 15th annual Enchilada dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving! That should bring in another $1500 after expenses. I also need to say that we don't take out any of the band funds to provide the food for the kids at their events, we have the parents contribute or cook it all as a donation. We typically feed 55 kids each game and tomorrow night we are hosting the 7th and 8th graders for the game as well. So we will be feeding over 85 kids for that game!!! Tomorrow night, I get the priviledge to work the football concession stand with some other band parents. We are able to make $250 for working the stand and this will be our second time this season. What we won't do for money! All for assisting our kids with their expenses if they make the state level for solo/ensemble (pays for Fiesta Texas entry fees, dinners and other fun events) and to offset their trip which occurs every other year. This is not our year to travel but we are full steam ahead for our fundraising efforts. They hope to travel to the Ozarks for their trip next year, now that would be fun!!!

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Operation Christmas Child

It's that special time of year!!! Christmas is upon us, but I must share one of our families special ways to kick off the holiday season. If you have never participated I encourage you and your family to contribute to this special ministry. Our family has been blessed to be a part of Operation Christmas Child for the past 5 years.

It is a special way to provide some much needed items for children around the world and to share the gospel and plan of salvation.

We have been saving up gift items throughout the year and we typically fill up and send two to four boxes per year.

Click on the link and see how to participate.

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Rite of Passage

It seems like the years have passed way to fast. I guess I was not prepared for this event. My darling teenage son has started the quest towards graduation...

He arrived home yesterday with the obligatory class ring info...

You might laugh, but it is true, I was unprepared and kinda' shocked.

Our son doesn't mind marching to the beat of his own drummer. So we are looking at ring vendors separate from the one offered through the high school. Shocking what rings cost nowadays. Why back in my day...

I guess I am dating myself aren't I.

At least at the moment, he chooses not to drive, he wears his shoes til they almost are falling off of his feet and he really never asks for much in the way of clothes. So we have gotten off fairly cheaply over the years.

I guess you could say, I need to get it together and get geared up for the other events left to follow. Class pictures, college applications, announcements, etc....

Where have all of the years gone?

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Don't Walk, Run From Layaway Offers

I love google reader, it is so easy to review the updates from all of my favorite readers.

I think you should check out this wonderful posting from Common Sense With Money, she really has outlined a wonderful mini education session regarding the latest offers and returns of layaway plans. She's right, 'run, don't walk from layway plans'.

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Black Friday

You might be wondering what in the heck is 'Black Friday'. Well, I was educated about this great phenomena last year. Basically, Black Friday is the sales day after Thanksgiving. If you are like me, sometimes you can get some great buys for the holidays. Some of the stores like to release the info about what they plan on advertising beforehand, therefore giving customers a jump on your purchase plans. This is wonderful!!!

The sales releases are starting to roll in... Right now they have received notices from Sears and Ace Hardware about what to expect. As always, the items could change somewhat based on your region or their last minute adjustments based on their competition...Better to start planning now on what your priorities might be.

Check it out...

Sears Black Friday
Ace Hardware Black Friday

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Psycholbabble Parenting

I really enjoyed the posting on Jess's site. Please read it for yourself....Making Yourself At Home

Psychobabble Parenting

It is a wonderful blog statment, full of tremendous wisdom.

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2008 UIL Marching Band Competition

My teenage DS wanted to make sure that I updated my PhotoBucket with the pictures from the competition this past Saturday. I think the band marched really well, though their scoring didn't reflect that. Check it out for yourself. 2008 UIL Competition pictures.

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A Journey Of A Lifetime

If I invited you on a wonderful, free journey of a lifetime with me over the next year, would you go?!?

Then start with me on this journey, it promises to be life changing...Reading through the bible in a year.


Sales Cycles/Very Important Information!!!

A tremendous way to start raking in the savings is to be aware of when all of the sales cycles hit the scene. Hot coupon world is a wonderful site and they have taken the time to list out the most typical items with a monthly breakdown. Check it out and keep it on file, you will be surprised how handy it can be... Sales Cycles

Okay, Okay, Better Late Than Never Right!!!

Just to prove that I really do take pictures at special times of the year. Easter 2008. I have some more somewhere, will have to search and find...


Sweet 16!!!

I am a little slow in sharing the pictures, here is our DS recent 16th Birthday celebration. Gosh, they do grow up awful fast, don't they...

That's modern times for you, he really, really wanted to have a teeth whitening kit since he got his braces off, my frugal self was delaying it as long as possible, did I mention that I got the over $30 kit for free....still makes for a nice and much wished for gift.

Check out some more pictures if you would like.http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/PLNEWHOU/Kenny%2016%20Birthday/


My teenage DS had his UIL marching competition this past Saturday. The band performed very well, but were greatly disappointed to receive a rating of 2, 3, 3.

Okay, my shock was that I looked over to see my son's new private saxophone tutor (head band person at WTAMU) sitting in the stands near us. He arrived at 3:00pm and my son's band was scheduled to perform at 3:16pm. Surely, I thought, he must know someone here in another schools band.

I couldn't believe my eyes, he promptly got up from his seat after my DS band's performance and exited the stands, I had just started over to talk with him and he was gone....

I am still in shock. He called the home this afternoon, to rearrange their private lesson date and time and said that 'yes' he had come just to see my son's band perform!!!

This is a very busy college level instructor who only took on our son about 3 weeks ago as a private student and he took the time to drive over 30 minutes one way to see him perform, in a marching performance that only lasted 8 minutes.

Can you say a big, WOW!!!

Needless to say, our son was practicing this afternoon and evening for about 3 hours on his saxophone for his lesson tomorrow, even he was impressed....

Can you say GO BUFFALOES!!!


Just Singing and Dancing and Playing In The Rain

My littlest DS just loves, loves, loves to play outside and when it is drizzling is no exception. It was a little chilly, but he had waited all day very patiently....I couldn't deny him any longer...adorable little guy I think!!!

More if you would like...Dancing In The Rain


Archived Family Photos

It's amazing the ancient treasures that can be stored away in the vaults only to be discovered in the future. No really, I didn't realize that our digital camera had a built in memory, I thought all of it's memory was on the picture chips, so when I accidentally dislodged the memory chip without realizing and went to scan my recent picture loads, I was shocked to find some family photos from 2004. These are some photos of mine and my husband's family and a few of our kids, makes for some nice memories. Also, I think these might be some of our only noted pictures of our remodeled front room, drastic remodel changes took place.

As we approach this Thanksgiving season, it is nice to be reminded of your family. I am privileged to have a few photos from a rare merging of our two families in the same room. For that I am thankful for the memories.

My how we have all changed over the years...

Click on this link for more archived family photos at PhotoBucket.


Excellent Holiday Cooking Site

Excellent recipe link, just in time for the holidays, check out the site and see what you would like to add to your personal collection. http://www.northpole.com/Kitchen/Cookbook/

Happy Baking!!!

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