Christmas Can Be Frustrating If You Are A Little Guy!!!

I think this picture sums up some of his feelings. Maybe it is because my littlest son is a stay at home guy, but it has been awful frustrating around the house the last few days for him!!!

As we have been super organized and have gotten most of the Christmas presents and decorations completed and out, it has only added to the frustration being experienced by our littlest.

There are so many no, no's around, that I will have to take the time to make sure he has some yes, yes's in there. He is not interested in playing with the items that are out that he is allowed to play with, the only interesting things around are the fragile/delicate things.

I caught him trying to open a present yesterday and every ornament on the tree is just calling out his name...

Pray for my littlest...because there are even more things out and about in our home for him to be frustrated with...

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Junior Student Of The Month

Wow, I guess I have been kinda' busy...

I have forgotten to mention that my DS recently was honored at his school as the Junior Student of the Month for November!!!

This is what was written in his recognition:

He takes responsibility in the classroom and earns excellent grades. He is very respectful and is a talented member of the Chieftain Band. He is always focused in the classroom.

He is such a joy to have as a son, it's nice to see him being recognized by others as well.

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Life Can Be Scarey!

Beautiful Christmas tree decoration

Okay the first one to comment and let me know if scarey is spelled correctly gets a big internet hug!!!

No, really, it is kinda' scarey around my house. I have over 16 packages wrapped and stashed. I was reviewing my stocking stuffer stash and it is pretty well complete. I have only probably three more gifts to purchase and then one more major grocery run before the holidays...

If you are family or friends and know me, you are probably getting chills up and down your spine, it is pretty scarey isn't it. I have never in my life been this far along and organized for the holidays.

I am typically the person in the back bedroom the night before the big day, doing a mad scramble for wrapping. Can I hear an AMEN!!!

So join with me in realizing the historical significance of this moment!!!

My DH says it is so nice around here and he loves it...Who does he think he is kidding, does he think in a million years that this will ever happen again.

Dream on dearest darling!!!

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