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I don't think I have ever blogged about this...My DH and I experienced extreme savings on our car insurance during the first part of 2008. We were shocked to receive notice about an extreme increase in our car insurance rates, over 10% more, when we hadn't had any claims or tickets added.

So I took to the internet and did some research and review. I received many online quotes on rates and was about to sign up with a third party for a significant savings on Progressive auto insurance. But wait...why am I going through another individual? Can't I sign up directly with Progressive???

I did a direct search for Progressive and ended up with even more savings by going through their website. All in all, it sure was worth it...We saved over 33% on our insurance premiums. You also receive even more savings by paying it all in one lump sum. So even for frugal me, it was worth it to tap into savings to pay it all in one lump sum, it averaged out to one less payment in the end.

Then the ultimate test, we had a major hailstorm this past summer and my Explorer was beatened to a bluddy pulp. Less than two months after we initiated our policy with Progressive, they worked so diligently and timely for us. My husband was thrilled that we could take it to the Ford body shop and was approved for all repairs with no questions asked...

Then, I expected the big blow to our account, it was time to renew our policy and I grimaced to think about what they would increase our policy too...Drum roll please....NO INCREASE!!!!

That's right, absolutely no increase. I guess I should sign up to be a sales rep for Progressive. I am kidding, I am not receiving any financial benefit by doing this post, just want to tell you about how this has benefited my family personally. Check it out yourself, compare and see....

Plus, for you ecologically friendly individuals, you can select a paperless system with their company and everything is registered and saved on your account online.

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