Updated Band Photos

Some more photos from a recent HS football game, note to review pictures #65 and #69, not the greatest photos, but they highlight a really cute teenage DS.

Friona Star Floydada game photos

Of note, boy we have to put in alot of hours as band booster parents! Not only do we make sure that all of the band kids receive a snack at all home games, plus drink but we provide the meals and also snacks and drinks at all away games. We have raised over $2000 this year alone and that is before we cook our 15th annual Enchilada dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving! That should bring in another $1500 after expenses. I also need to say that we don't take out any of the band funds to provide the food for the kids at their events, we have the parents contribute or cook it all as a donation. We typically feed 55 kids each game and tomorrow night we are hosting the 7th and 8th graders for the game as well. So we will be feeding over 85 kids for that game!!! Tomorrow night, I get the priviledge to work the football concession stand with some other band parents. We are able to make $250 for working the stand and this will be our second time this season. What we won't do for money! All for assisting our kids with their expenses if they make the state level for solo/ensemble (pays for Fiesta Texas entry fees, dinners and other fun events) and to offset their trip which occurs every other year. This is not our year to travel but we are full steam ahead for our fundraising efforts. They hope to travel to the Ozarks for their trip next year, now that would be fun!!!

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Operation Christmas Child

It's that special time of year!!! Christmas is upon us, but I must share one of our families special ways to kick off the holiday season. If you have never participated I encourage you and your family to contribute to this special ministry. Our family has been blessed to be a part of Operation Christmas Child for the past 5 years.

It is a special way to provide some much needed items for children around the world and to share the gospel and plan of salvation.

We have been saving up gift items throughout the year and we typically fill up and send two to four boxes per year.

Click on the link and see how to participate.

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