My Littlest, Another Day, Another Word!!!

I have not written about this until now, but I have been a little bit intense about my littlest DS not really embracing speaking. He is now 27 months old and still is very much into his own language.

I guess I am feeling a little like it might be a reflection of something that I have done wrong or not done enough of, I am taking it personally.

My DH says not to worry, but I have still been worried...

Our littlest suffers from allergies, and I have learned not to take him to the doctor for routine antibiotics and have learned to work through the occasional three day period of ear inflammation, sore throat, drippy nose, etc.

You see when my teenage DS was little he suffered with allergies also. There were numerous nights when he was having earaches and his sister would place him on her chest and sleep with him in the recliner, she couldn't bear to hear him cry because the pressure on his eardrums was hurting him. I routinely had him on antibiotics, talked with doctors on whether or not he needed tubes in his ears, etc. An ENT surgeon that I worked with, even though he routinely was putting tubes in kids ears everyday, so he would never put his own child through the procedure, too much risk with anesthesia. Plus all of the teachings about our children developing into antibiotic resistant individuals because of our inappropriate and misuse of routine antibiotics when they are of no benefit to the healing process, especially with allergies and ear infections.

So some of the reasoning behind our decisions against antibiotics and surgical intervention, but sometimes you wonder if you might have a child with a hearing loss.

Our teenage DS lived through the experiences, had no speech impediment and only shows minor hearing damage from the first three years of his allergy struggles.

So I have some history with being fearful re: possible hearing loss.

With our littlest, he said the obligatory mama, dada at the right stages and then stopped after about one week, really haven't heard it since. He developed his own language at about 11 months old and hasn't demonstrated too much interest in acquiring any of our language. So when you might be expecting him to say cup, cow, ear, no, yes, etc. He doesn't... But, it is weird, he has said multi-word statments out of the blue, here and there...i.e. what are you doing?, etc. He just is not into single word statments.

So my intensity has gotten a little worse over the past few weeks. I have been reading and researching the subject quite abit. Do I need to get him into an Early Childhood Intervention Program, do we need to get his hearing tested, etc?

My DH has remained calm throughout my ramblings and said that there is nothing wrong with our littlest, he doesn't have a hearing loss, chooses not to speak when prompted and not to worry!

Well, it seems that within the last week, when my intesity for worry has increased, now all of a sudden his latest statement is 'what's that?' and making 'duhduhduh' and 'buhbuhbuh' phrases all of the time.

He still laughs extremely hard at me when I am reading to him, he wants to look at books himself and doesn't want mom around, laughs when I say his numbers, colors, letters, etc. and runs away.

So I guess I need to take a 'chill pill' as my DH says and just trust my littlest and the Lord for helping him to learn and develop his skills at the pace and rate that he chooses and not according to what I think he should be doing!!!

So excuse me when I might post about my being thrilled when my littlest says a new word or phrase!!!

I guess we all still have a lot to learn?!?

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