Staying at Home and Loving It!!!

I'll be the first to admit, this is not always true...

I miss:
abdundant income
interaction with professional peers
professional challenges

I am learning to:
live within a budget
deny instant gratification of my wants and desires
cook more from scratch
look for bargains
pray more
be happier with simpler pleasures
realize that God is my holy spirit (counselor and corrector) and not other's opinions of what I should or shouldn't do
say "no" more...

I wouldn't trade:
my extra time with my family everyday
seeing my son and husband off to school
being there when they come home from school and work
having the house smell of fresh cooked bread/home cooked meal, etc
having a new little one in our family
learning to look for the little blessings received everyday
being less stressed
the abundant way that God has provided for our financial needs and the suprises that he has provided in increasing our income
feeling like I do have my priorities straight

What are my priorities:
relationship with God
relationship with my husband
relationship with my children
relationship with my family
relationship with my friends
learning to let go and trust

I guess that sums up that I tend to be a control freak...so I am learning to let go and trust God


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