Two, Two, Two....

We have had a wonderful celebration with Elmo and Sesame Street. Our littlest DS turned two!!!
This was a major day in his life, we took down the baby gates, got rid of the diaper bag and cut his hair for the very first time....Wow overwhelming even for me!

He will now be responsible for carrying his personal items and a few toys in his Thomas backpack!!! He was a champ at strapping it on for church and wore it proudly into the nursery! My littlest is sure growing up awful fast.

His favorite meal, meatloaf and broccoli!!! It was either that or salmon patties and brown rice. Strange tastes for a little one, but hey, the kid eats dirt and loves it....
It was love from first sight!!! He found his truck in our bedroom the night before his birthday celebration, he even tried to get the truck into bed with him when he laid down for the night!!! A boy and his dump truck.

The next major milestone, is getting rid of the bottle, he only drinks his milk from a bottle and he loves to drink milk and I have not been able to change that at the moment, it truly is a test of wills and his is winning at the moment. But I took care of a little girl yesterday who is 15 months and has not had a bottle since she turned one, my DH asked if Michael was embarassed and to tell you the truth, the little girl about did a body slam on Michael to get his bottle from him so she could drink from it...


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