Christmas Can Be Frustrating If You Are A Little Guy!!!

I think this picture sums up some of his feelings. Maybe it is because my littlest son is a stay at home guy, but it has been awful frustrating around the house the last few days for him!!!

As we have been super organized and have gotten most of the Christmas presents and decorations completed and out, it has only added to the frustration being experienced by our littlest.

There are so many no, no's around, that I will have to take the time to make sure he has some yes, yes's in there. He is not interested in playing with the items that are out that he is allowed to play with, the only interesting things around are the fragile/delicate things.

I caught him trying to open a present yesterday and every ornament on the tree is just calling out his name...

Pray for my littlest...because there are even more things out and about in our home for him to be frustrated with...

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richard December 5, 2008 at 12:58 AM  

I felt sad reading this for I remembered the days when I was little and have limited things to play with.

Smile it will help a lot....:)

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