Toddler Struggles

I guess the title should read 'Mommy's Struggles' for my littlest really isn't struggling at all.

I am finding it good that I my littlest DS has a playmate that comes over on Mondays and Fridays. He is doing pretty well with the visits. They typically hug when they meet and each loves to wave bye/bye when she leaves for the day.

I have found that our littlest one is very strong natured and it is a bit more of a challenge to get him to follow-through with obeying 'no no's. I have been using diversion and also timeouts, but we do also believe in corporal punishment so there are also pops occasionally.

I am trying to not get too hung up on feeling like I need to have him learning his 'ABC's, numbers, etc.' I am reviewing them but he just laughs and wants to do his own thing. I can't even get him to point to his mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc. He doesn't want to do that. I guess I am also frustrated with his lack of wanting to talk, he is very at ease with using his own language and we can occasionally hear him say some words, but for the most part, it sounds like Chinese/Hungarian and he loves to talk....so there is no lack of our acquiring his language.

From what I understand, I shouldn't be hung up on his language and other skills and just allow him to play and explore all the more.

It can be difficult to adjust when you have such different personalities and interests between your children. So I am all the more having to learn to let go and trust God with my child.

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