Bargain Hunting in the Big City

It's late and I am exhausted from a very busy day in the big city. We live in a small rural town in the Texas panhandle. Today we got up at 7:00am and headed out to the big city of Amarillo and scored several shopping deals.

Panhandle Salvage - $24.80
Purchased 12 - 8 oz containers of raspberry yogurt
6 - 1/2 gallons of Minute Maid orange juice - pulp free (oldest son can't stand to drink pulp)
10 bunches of 3 heads of onions
5 cartons of sweet yellow/red/orange peppers
2 boxes of cinnamon graham crackers
32 oz frozen bag of corn
32 oz frozen bag of peas/carrots
20 lbs. of potatoes

I love this store and wish I could justify the extra gas expense more often, but hard to justify since the deals can be unpredictable.

Target $14.68
12 Boxes of Lipton 'Tea to Go' in varied flavors, box has 10 packets to add to water bottle $1.94 each + $1 off Target coupon. Final purchase price of 94 cents each. (Kinda' pricey but my oldest daughter is graduating from college and will soon be a full-time elementary teacher and she loves her 'Tea' on the run, so a perfect little care package idea/graduation bundle)
2 Boxes of Eggo waffles $1.84 each + $1 off of 2 Target coupon. Final purchase price of $2.68. (Kinda' pricey but my teenager deserves a treat every now and then)

1st Transaction
2 Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste $4.99 w4.99 ECB + 2-$1 off q
3 Colgate 360 toothbrushes 3.99 w3.99 ECB + 3 - $1 off q
2 EOB facial scrub pads $1.49
1 Foot pumice stone $2.49 + $5 ECB w/purchase of 3 EOB items
-$4 off $20
-$3 off $15
-$2 off $10

2nd Transaction $1.48 ($0 subtotal so just 8.25% tax)
2 Playskools Large pack diapers size 4 2/$19.99
1 Georgia Pacific printer paper $3.99
-$4 off $20
-$3 off $15
-$2 Playskool q
-$14.98 ECB

3rd Transaction $2.39
1 HP printer cartridge $19.99
1 Wrigley Extra Gum $1.19
-$4 off $20
-$3 off 15
-$11.97 ECB

Ended up with still having about $7 in ECB for next week. Still on the lookout for Bic Soleil razors, have received my third raincheck and the Addidas deoderant. I will be going to my daughter's graduation in Arlington next weekend. I told my husband that I am determined to get the free Addidas and get paid $15 for purchasing their product!!

2 Breathe Right boxes $4.99 each (12 ct, but look for the boxes with the 14 count for the price of 12) with q for $3 off box in Monthly savings booklet + $3 manuf q from manuf website
6 Air Wick Decospheres on clearance for $2.15 (caught my eye when they had an immediate savings coupon on product for $1.50 off + had 2 additional manf q for $1.50 off
2 Air Wick Stickups on clearance for $1 each + 2 additional manf q for 50 cents off each


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