Trick or Treat 2008

Well the season for Trick or Treating sure came up really fast this year. This was our first year to go out and about with our littlest. We were able to go to the local 'Trunk or Treat' event at a local church. My DH and I have never participated, so we were a little shocked to see a line of over 200 kids at least to go through the trunk or treat, they probably had over 400 kids when it was all said and done. The church backs up about 15 cars in their parking lot and they hand out candy to the little kids, good idea and alot safer if you don't know which houses to go to, plus it was a really good opportunity to visit with parents and see alot of really neat costumes.

Needless to say our littlest was a little overwhelmed by it all!!! But he got the hang of it pretty fast. Also, he has never eaten candy before, so this was a night for alot of firsts.... Amazingly, he zeroed in on the lollipops in his goodie bag and by the time we left he had eaten over 3 lollipops!!! Sugar on a stick!!! I think we might have created a new candy monster...

He went as a race car driver, I think he was really cute and he didn't fuss over wearing any part of it and kept the hat on, once he saw all of the kids dressed up. Plus he loved to swing and run around with his pumpkin candy holder. Then we went back home and he helped dad hand out candy. Sorry I don't have any photos, but momma had to go the HS football game and work the concession stand as a band booster. From what I hear, he had a ball running to give out candy, he was running to meet the kids when they got to our driveway regardless of how scarey some of their costumes were and was handing out hugs as well as candy and had a ball waving to everyone as they left. He is 'Mr. Social'.

His usual bedtime is about 9:00pm and that night my DH was lucky to get him in bed by 10:30 and apparently he didn't put up a fight at all, he must have been exhausted. So I think he got into the swing of things and probably can't wait until next year!!!

Check out the rest of the photos!!!

Trick or Treat 2008

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