Rite of Passage

It seems like the years have passed way to fast. I guess I was not prepared for this event. My darling teenage son has started the quest towards graduation...

He arrived home yesterday with the obligatory class ring info...

You might laugh, but it is true, I was unprepared and kinda' shocked.

Our son doesn't mind marching to the beat of his own drummer. So we are looking at ring vendors separate from the one offered through the high school. Shocking what rings cost nowadays. Why back in my day...

I guess I am dating myself aren't I.

At least at the moment, he chooses not to drive, he wears his shoes til they almost are falling off of his feet and he really never asks for much in the way of clothes. So we have gotten off fairly cheaply over the years.

I guess you could say, I need to get it together and get geared up for the other events left to follow. Class pictures, college applications, announcements, etc....

Where have all of the years gone?

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