New Opportunities for Increasing Income

Just to updates matters, I got the job!!!! So I will be working to develop 3 or 4 menus to rotate for their meetings, I am thrilled, they loved my fried chicken (it did end up being very, very good, almost as good as my grandma's just not as fresh as hers ((of course she would buthcer her's that morning)), it scared me to death to make it from scratch, but I feel more confident for the future). I think the next menu selection will center around lasagna....

My husband and I enjoy the fact that I am able to stay at home full-time and feel it is significant benefit to our family and myself, so that is a priority.

We have been very blessed that I was presented with the opportunity to pick up a part-time job of cleaning our church a couple of years ago. It has been a blessing, because I am able to get the work done in the evenings after my little one has gone to sleep. The job has also been of benefit to our teenage son, because he has helped me, gets paid half of my fees and is able to save most of the money. His bank account has grown to be pretty significant and we have all learned that he is tight and doesn't like to spend his money (doesn't take after either of his parents...)

We are being presented with another opportunity for me to earn some additional income for our family. The local Lions' club has been frustrated with the inability to secure a steady meal provider for their club... and I guess my husband was bragging on my culinary abilities, so now I will be seeing about starting to cook for the local Lions' Club organization for their luncheon meeting twice a month. It is an opportunity to pick up an additional $100 per month which would take care of our grocery budget.

In reality, my husband and I have been discussing the need for our toddler boy to have opportunities for more socializing. He loves people!!! Just loves being around other kids and people, so there is a need for more playtime with other kids besides the opportunities that he receives at church. So I will cook my first meal for the Lions' tomorrow and if they like it and we can agree on about 3 or 4 meal plans, than I will be in business. I will then call a local mom who does in-home daycare and see how many days I can get for $100 per month. I am hoping that it will allow me to obtain 1 day per week, we'll see.

My DH feels that I and our little boy will be much happier campers to have a weekly break from our home routine and I think he might be right. That would allow me an opportunity for getting my major couponing or shopping, errand running, etc. done without having to worry about being so panicked, overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to get it done when my toddler boy would prefer to be at home swinging from trees and eating dirt.

So wish me luck in being able to win over the tummies of the Lions.


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