So far, it has been a busy and full summer.

I was pleasantly surprised to end up being in charge of the arts and crafts room for our church's VBS session last week. My teenage DS was recruited as my #1 helper (token slave). Plus, I was fortunate to end up with three additional women who jumped in to help at the last minute.

My DS was gracious to decorate the room and also put in about 12 additional hours that week in the evenings, plus 4 each day.

My toddler son also had a blast and got to spend some quality time with his buddies from church.

We provided VBS for PreK-6th grade and had a different craft for each day for all age ranges. It was a hectic week, but worth all of the hours.

Check out some of the pictures...

DS in the orange striped shirt, cute as a button!!!

Part of our arts and craft room decorations in the background...

The massive group of kids participating in VBS 2008.

Just some extra fun for everyone on Friday.


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